After documenting, in detail, my findings in regards to the experiences online business owners had with internet marketing, I went on to research the common factors successful web site marketing companies held. Although the list of factors found among top search engine marketing companies is relatively long, I will present a few of the major common factors here on this web site.

To study the common factors of web site marketing companies, I analyzed ten of the largest internet marketing companies, by interviewing a member of each search engine marketing company’s executive management team. Some of the common questions I asked each internet marketing company executive included: when their search engine marketing company was founded, what they attribute to the success of their internet marketing operation, and what their future plans are for website marketing.

Once again, although my findings were quite extensive, I will report here a few of the major common factors I found to be true among a majority of the internet marketing companies I studied.

All of the search engine marketing companies’ executives stated that their primary goal his to help their customer get more traffic to their websites. Furthermore, they all stated that to help get more sales would be the best thing they can do for their clients.

Eight out of ten internet marketing companies were five years or older, with one being twelve years old. Five out of ten companies had been doing web site marketing for their own company prior to serving the website marketing needs of their clients.

Seven out of ten online marketing companies stated that they attribute their internet marketing successes to a team of employees who focus on improving search engine ranking for their clients. The same number of website marketing companies stated that they offer additional search engine marketing tips to their clients free of charge.

Finally, half of the search engine marketing companies’ executives I interviewed stated that they plan on helping their clients become top ranking in Yahoo, Google, and MSN.