Before I began the main part of my internet marketing research, I decided to visit the website of the United Stated Department of Labor, to see what this agency had to say about internet marketing, website marketing, or search engine marketing companies. However, to my surprise, internet marketing was not included in the United Stated Department of Labor website. Therefore, I skipped this part of my ‘pre-research’ phase and began my formal research.

My goal for the internet marketing research project was to first present information about the history and background of internet marketing, but because I did not find any factual information about when search engine marketing officially became a business and under what circumstances website marketing has developed to be such a big industry; I decided to compare resources from various websites to device the ‘history of internet marketing’ section of my final research paper.

Dissatisfied with the fact that I was unable to find much information about the history of internet marketing, I knew that I was going to have a tough time finding information about internet marketing practices, website marketing tips, web site marketing do’s and don’ts, and thorough analysis of every search engine company out there.

Therefore, without any further a due, I started visiting the websites of various search engine marketing companies who specialize in website marketing.