After discussing the history of internet marketing as I saw it, the second section of my research paper was about the benefits of website marketing and how web site marketing has helped online business owners from various industries get more sales from their website visitors.

To compile information about the experiences of various online business owners with internet marketing, I identified ten online businesses which had worked with a search engine marketing company, and then I contacted each online business and requested an interview. During the interviews I asked for the opinions of the online business owners about their experiences with web site marketing companies.

After reviewing data collected from all of the online business owners, I found that nine out of ten online business owners reported that they were able to get more traffic to their websites because of web site marketing. Furthermore, eight out of ten online business owners stated that internet marketing, along side improved search engine ranking, helped them get more sales from the new influx of visitors to their sites.

Finally, all but one of the online business owners I interviewed stated that they would use internet marketing as their main source of website marketing in the future for other websites; and six out of ten stated that they would use the same search engine marketing company again.